Myth Busting: Hair Extensions....

Hmm they’re not good for your hair and too expensive!

In a profession where creativity knows no limits and clients, quite rightly look for exceptional service, a top quality hair extension is in demand. At Cora Hair, we believe that Zen hair extensions rise to this challenge.

Why consider hair extensions?

We are not always happy with what mother nature has dealt us! If you want glossy, fuller, longer hair that feels smooth and natural to the touch then hair extensions are the answer.

Hair extensions can be matched to your natural colour or you may consider subtle highlights or fashion effects. During your consultation, you can see the full menu of colours from Zen.

How can hair extensions be natural?

Zen hair is guaranteed to be sourced from 100% human virgin hair (that is hair that has never been chemically processed). The hair is aligned from root area to end to ensure all the hair cuticles lie in the same direction as the original growing position which stops the hair drying out. This results in shiny, tangle free hair that behaves exactly like your natural hair. Hair sourced in this way is called Remy hair.

Zen hair is then strengthened with a Keratin (protein) deep- conditioning process for added moisture and shine.

So surely this makes Zen hair extensions very expensive?

Zen hair extensions are of exceptional quality and with the correct aftercare can last 3- 4 months. Following a flawless aftercare routine maintains this quality. This means that when the extensions are removed, they may be reused. Consideration of the cost of the extensions, the time to fix them and their long life makes them an excellent luxury investment.

How do you look after Zen hair extensions?

You need to follow all aftercare advice to maintain your Zen hair extensions which takes time and commitment. Your extensions need to be washed gently just as you would your normal hair. Sulphate free cleansing and conditioning products are recommended to minimise damage to the bonds holding the extensions to your own hair. You can blow-dry/ heat style your extensions in the same way as you would your normal hair. You can allow your extensions to dry naturally but only after you have dried the root area first to keep the bonds intact. A maintenance cut would also be recommended.

Ok I now know about the great quality of Zen hair extensions but what about the condition of my own hair?

Zen has 3 different systems to attach hair extensions to your own hair. These are all designed to attach with care.

  • U-tip pre- bonded with keratin (a natural hair protein) for heated bonded connection.

  • I-tip for no- heat attachment with micro- rings. These silicone- lined rings cushion the hair from any excessive pressure.

  • Tape Extension is becoming increasingly popular. Hair is pre- taped with a medical grade gel adhesive to stick to natural hair. This allows fast attachment, they last 6- 8 weeks, can be easily removed but are only for single use.

Following the aftercare advice will also be beneficial to your own hair as well as your hair extensions.

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