At Cora Hair, we are very excited at the arrival of WellaPlex in salon. The latest bond builder from Wella Professionals and the only product to be recommended with the Wella colour portfolio.

WellaPlex works to eliminate the effects of heat, chemical and environmental damage restoring health and vitality to your hair. These benefits can be realised by a single WellaPlex treatment or as part of a lightening or colour service.

We love WellaPlex Ambassador Sophie Turner’s transformation from fiery redhead to cool blonde showcasing the power of WellaPlex (You know her, from Game of Thrones fame, Sansa Stark. We are huge fans!) You too can push colour boundaries with WellaPlex while maintaining hair strength and integrity.

How does WellaPlex work?

WellaPlex is a 3 part system that strengthens the inner core of the hair fibre. Hair is made of a protein called keratin that can be damaged by heat styling and chemical processes. Wellaplex rebuilds the strong bonds that hold the keratin structure together and provides the optimal pH conditions for bond making to happen,.

In salon:

No.1. Bond Maker helps reconstruct inner hair bonds

No.2. Bond Stabilizer further strengthens hair bonds and rebalances the pH factor.

At home:

You can maintain the good work with take home WellaPlex No.3. Use weekly to help keep hair strong, smooth and soft.

Find out more about WellaPlex at

Alternatively contact Cora Hair on 0121 233 9993; email or drop by the salon, Great Western Arcade where our stylists are ready to assist.

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