Experience a NEW Movement in Colour: NEW Koleston Perfect ME+

Our Master Colour Experts, Cora and Kim tell us more…

We are very excited by the arrival of NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ to the salon and to share this latest colour technology from Wella Professionals with you.

Cora and Kim recently attended the Master Colour Expert Congress at the Wella Academy in Manchester to find out more about the research that has led to this latest innovation in hair colouring.

Koleston Perfect has just got even better:

You can be confident that NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ will deliver an improved, fabulous colour result time after time.

From NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ you can expect:

Even, pure colour results with natural depth and shine alongside less hair damage, colour after colour.

Hair is a porous fibre that absorbs impurities from the environment especially metal ions. These make free radicals when they meet peroxide during the colouring process. Free radicals interfere with the development of the colour as well as damaging the bonds that hold the protein, keratin together in the hair fibre.

Cora tells us that this is minimised by new Pure Balance Technology:

‘This creates a shield around the metal ions, colour development and bond formation continues properly resulting in an even colour result from roots to ends with a new hair feeling’

With NEW Koleston Perfect ME+

you are 60 times less likely to develop a new allergy to hair colour.

Kim explains that the risk of sensitivity is reduced due to a clever molecule called ME+:

‘PPT/ PTD have been replaced by ME+ and this does not fit the receptor sites of T cells that control the immune response. Therefore you are less likely to have an allergic response’.

Get Tested…

NEW Koleston Perfect ME+ arrives at Cora Hair 15 September 2018. Get your skin test updated to enjoy the benefits of NEW Koleston Perfect ME+. Simply drop by the salon, Great Western Arcade, it only takes a minute!

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