Award- Winning Colour with Kim, Cora Hair’s Master Colour Expert

We’re feeling very proud...

Our fabulous Style Director, Kim has just been awarded

Colour Technician of the Year’

British Hair and Beauty Awards 2019.

So it’s only right that we share our talented Master Colour Expert with you...


Colouring has always been part of my portfolio. I like the ‘science’ of colour and my career high has been achieving Wells Professionals Master Colour Expert status in 2015.

This was a game changer for me in how I viewed and used colour. Understanding the unique properties of colour and how to ‘break the rules’ opened up new possibilities.

Being an MCE I can use my knowledge of the Wella family of products to develop a personalised palette for my clients.


All colour services demand creativity, every client is a puzzle to be solved depending on their hair history and the look they want. Colour corrections are the biggest challenge.

It is very rare that I mix a single colour, I usually use multiple shades and additional tones. There are many techniques including ‘free hand’ to place colour to create a particular look.