‘I just want…’ The Golden Rules of Colouring Hair Explained

You pick up the phone, call your favourite Cora Hair Stylist to say ‘I just want…. ‘ and that’s how your next colour adventure begins!


That’s right your Colourist needs to know what your hair has experienced before especially if you are a new client. In a consultation they need to see your hair colour and condition and ask some questions to work out your next hair plan. Come armed with some photos of your hair goal.

Whether you have had professional colour or colour at home, recently or some time ago this will leave a mark on your hair. The idea that semi- permanent colour disappears completely is not the case.

Hair colouring is a chemical process and will alter the hair each time it happens. Remember virgin hair is hair that has never experienced any chemical processing.


As a client you may not always know what has happened to your hair! Your Colourist is a detective looking at the clues your hair has to offer.

They may test the elasticity of your hair.

Healthy, strong hair will stretch and return to its original length whereas damaged hair may over stretch or even snap. This helps to work out if pre-lightener (bleach) is an option.

Your Colourist will consider the porosity of your hair. This is the hair's ability to retain and absorb moisture and is an indication of its condition. Less porous hair will retain colour for better and longer- lasting results.

A strand of hair may be taken and the proposed colour products tested on it to see how they react with your hair.

We always insist on a Skin Allergy Test to reduce the risk of a reaction to the proposed products.

Even if you had had colour on your hair before, we will only proceed if this test has been carried out. When planning your service remember this test needs to be done 48 hours prior to your appointment.


You and your Colourist both want a fabulous colour result that shouts heath and shine. So whatever happens the condition and integrity of your hair comes first.

Hair structure is often said to be like a wall, you need good quality bricks held firmly together with mortar and then plastered for a smooth finish. If this is all in place then a good colour result will follow.

If there is doubt over your hair condition especially when using pre- lightener then your colourist may recommend a treatment such as Wellaplex to build the internal bond structure of the hair (the bricks and mortar!)


Using pre-lightener on your hair is always a special case. A common request is to change from a warm dark base to a cool blonde one. This is challenging colour correction and demands all the expertise of your Colourist.

Firstly, it is unlikely this will be achieved in one session, hence the hair plan! Dark hair needs to be lifted slowly and gently over time to maintain the integrity of your hair. So patience is a virtue you need to channel!

Don’t be alarmed when the pre-lightener has been removed and you’re confronted by gingery tones! The power of a neutralising